My Take on Malawi Politics part one, Bakili Muluzi should take a rest

I have just reported for my duties. I have close to 200 stories to tell, and your guess is right, mainly focusing on health. I just witnessed a horrible accident at the corner of Kamuzu Central Hospital where an innocent woman might lose her right arm due to a careless truck driver. No one talsk about it. I wish I had more time to follow such a story. Then I have been visiting a place in Kanengo where the Small Holder Farmers Fertiliser Fund is disposing some rotten maize seed from last season and other seasons. Sadly, though Malawi can boast of a great surplus of 1.3 million tonnes and afford to sell some of its maize to Zimbabwe and donate to Lesotho and Swaziland, many Malawians still do not have adequate food. The people around the dumping area are getting the rotten maize and clean in for their next meal. Then I have been busy. Cancer is on the agenda of my President after loosing the First Lady. I am informed a research and treatment centre will be built very soon. I have visited four hospitals and the situation is as desperate as I left a year ago. But our political leadership seems to have a different agenda. Take the budget impasse, which took three months of debate that did not add asprin or panado in our public pharmacies. Now its about a mysterious bill which was never debated but found iits way to the President's desk and he duly signed it. There is a lot that has been written and said. But the Speaker of Parliament who is a man of immerse integrity compared to a large chunk of what makes of our political leadership, apologised for the mistake. Now we have a field day in our media, with all sorts of cartoons of our political comedy coming out to justify their positions. The truth is simple, none of our political leaders have a seriuos agenda to change the socio-economic status of an ordinary Malawians. For the first time in years we have brilliant ecnomic management of our public resources, all we are working to do is to reverse the progress. Particularly when you have a retired President going full throttle to campaign for a seat that he was obliged by the constitution to retire in 2004. Former President Bakili Muluzi has missed the Mo Ibrahim award for leadership excellence in Africa, mainly due to his unsaitable greed for power. Muluzi as a President was an interesting comedy to watch wehn he run down the econony, failed a third term extension and then imposed Bingu wa Mutharika. He forgets very easily that Malawians from Religious through to School children did not want him to serve a third term. Now he is back trying to stage a comeback as a President of this nation. I am not sure what his family tells him, but he is better advised to leave politics to the new generation of politicians who are capable of working wonders with public resources. Muluzi should be ashamed that for once we have plenty food, should be ashamed with minibus discussions where everybody is wondering how roads are being maintained now when it was the opposite during his rule. How come our currency has stabilised, interest rates are down inflation is nose diving too. He should be ashamed that as Malawians we can have a political debate without young democrats beating or torching anyone else. That the same Malawians who used to rely on his handouts can grow food given access to inputs. Muluzi should be ashamed that as a nation we can vote intelligently without his being involved at all. There are 12 million Malawians and by birthright, each qualifies to being a President. Muluzi had his chance let him leave the stage to Friday Jumbe, Cassim Chilumpha, Sam Mpasu and others to show what they are made of in our political system. Let Muluzi go home and rest. I wish him a happy retirement. Next series, I will talk of John Tembo and his democratic credentials. DPP too will have a day- how can you run a party without any elected official in its ranks. Its great to think louder. Muluzi should take a rest first!


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