Gruesome Murders in My Capital

I am one proud Malawian who loves living in the country, broke no broke, happy no happiness, there is something about Malawi you cannot find anywhere else. Apart from gossip, everyone is freindly and willing to tell you a story to be happy.
Neighbours and distant relatives call each other brothers and sisters.
On Friday, 29th of February, I woke up to a lot of terrible events. My sisters brother in marraige had been shot dead in South Africa and My car had been smashed by some people currently on rampage for car stereos and batteries. Later in the week, I went to Dzaleka refugee camp where the Police had decided to intervene on behalf of other Somali's and other Somali's personal fight. On Friday, my sister reported that a guard had his head cut off and the other is missing in Area 4, which is right at the heart of the Capital. Today, people at Chilinde Parish woke up a grusome sightt, two people murdered in cold blood and one with head cut.
The pictures of the sight are chilling. I am not sure if my editors will publish them in colour, but the send a statement- something is terribly wrong.
Before our politicians come and attack each other over the latest murder spree in the capital, I would want us to pose a minute and look backward and see what has changed.
I have so many freinds fromm outside the country, and I would never tolerate someone to point fingers at someone based on their country of origin.
But surely influx in refugees and so many dubious business people from various conflict zones raises questions. Why would a genuine refugee flee Eritria, Ethiopia and Somalia and pass through Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and settle down in Malawi.
Why should an innocent Rwandan stick around Malawi years after the end of the conflict and not return to donors newly found conscience cleansing centre. The samw with Burundi and mineral rich DR Congo.
I know 15 South African coaches that drive between Johanneburg and Congo.
But the stories of gruesome murders are new, just as many brothers are new in the country. If it is just a coincidence, then what unfortunate coincidence.
Having working in a Ministry to deal with foreigners coming to Malawi, I should say I am afraid perfecting and accounting the deeds of foreigners in Malawi is a daunting task. It is a well known fact that corruption, bribery and even law enforcers siding with foreigners are too common to be dismmissed by a mere wave.
Kanengo Police was involved in a fatal beating of a Malawian after he repaid K50.00 he had taken from someone.
One time I participated in closure of illegal businesses, the result was shocking, the number of calls we got shocked us never to tempt the exercise again.
But today my humble plea is Malawians are loosing their life in a gruesome way that we ever imagined.
Those that eat money to protect undesired elements will never find peace as the blood and the lives of those loosing their lives to new wave of criminals will taunt them.
For how many pieces of silver will you allow the life of a Malawian to be taken in a casual manner?
Lets scrutinise all our visitors and leave genuine investors, not those that pay monthly loyalties or give us Rav 4'S.
Rest In Peace all violent crime victims of the past month!!


ndagha said…
Sad indeed. I hope the editors will also comment on the incident
Unknown said…
This is really disheartening. But we should blame this to ourselves. Check every tuck-shop in Mchesi, Chilinde, and Biwi you find that a foreigner owns it and we are renting them these and houses. Even worse the guys have gone ahead owning bottle stores and we enjoy their meet you know it. Where are our Immigration officers? Immigration doesn't mean airport or passport issuing. Its high time these guys go back home or risk more disheartening stories like these. Mind you this guys are used to bloody scenes.

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