Of Somali pirates, Mumbai and Zimbabwe cholera

Somali pirates are fast becoming what Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Carribean would admire. Instead of chasing a deadmans chest for a heart of someone, they are real in chasing money. And its hard currency. Earnings from the pirates business are said to be heading towards US$35 million and it is becoming more attractive. The capture of the Saudi sirus with US$100 million worth of crude oil is just the beginning of things.
At one point I wrote a proposal to all G7 Governments and celebrities who have shown interest in Africa, it was about inspiring young Africans to do more for themselves. I still enjoy reading the no so but we regret letters from Tony Blairs office, Angel Markel and even George Bush.
The African 2000 Generation could not have solved many of the challenges African youth face, but it could have touched where young people get shaped and have their ideals born.
But it was not of strategic importance to the European and Western nations to develop a vibrant youth society. Today those young people we could have touched from 2000 to present have become pirates and the World is condeming them.
Who is guilty of the Somalia's woes?
All of us. The post elections violence in Kenya saw the World act with speed to resolve the situation including US Secretary for State and Britian leading the pack of noise making and pushing for an all inclusive Government. Thank God is saved Kenya from catastrophe.
The same would happen if South Africa degenerates into some kind of chaos. I was privilaged to be in Washington DC in 2007 where I learnt the art of global policy making. The English word I was well schooled of is called STRATEGIC INTEREST.
I learnt that South Africa and Kenya are of security strategic interest to the West and Eastern Governments and they are not allowed to degenerate into an inch of any disorder. That is why the Aids billions started rolling into Africa.
HIV and Aids money in Africa, thanks should go to Kenya and South African militaries for after a report indicated that they were being weakened by the pandemic, the US suddenly had interest in investing in Aids.
The deaths in Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania were not much of strategic interest to the G7 countries.
The same with Zimbabwe it has no strategic interest. While a gunmen in Mumbai have all the interest and as I write Condi Rice is still flying to India and later Pakistani because of the neuclear and strategic interest of the West and Eastern super powers in the two countries.
Where does this blantant discrimination leave Somalia, Darfur and other poor and unimportant countries? They are a source of disgruntled citizenry affected by globalisation.
I do not support terrorism in whatever form, but I believe the World, the United States, Britain, the UN, German, Russia, China, Japan should stop using strategic interest areas and assist young Africans to develop equally.
Pirates of Somalia are all young people and they can be salvaged if we can develop programmes targeting them. Bring peace to Somalia and other conflict zones, do more for the poor and World peace will return.
Otherwise chasing shadows and disrcimination will make Somali pirates role model of the neglected future. Very soon kidnappings I can predict will be fashionable in other poor African countries. After all its hardcash!!!


RME said…
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RME said…
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RME said…
Check out Carolyn Nordstrom's Shadows of War. I think this book can be read in light of the various programmes of "special assistance". It provides an interesting exposé on extra-governmental organisations and their involvement in war; the same planes that bring medical supplies by day, smuggle arms by night -this is the shadow side of war (granted that is an inadequate summary).

Nordstrom offers an interesting take on relationships between the 'west' and the 'rest' (excuse the centric terms); a constellation of interactions that are often downplayed as conspiracies.
Steve said…
Its amazing how much personal $$$B. Gates and Buffet are pouring into Africa i.e. the Malaria vaccine. I don't think it should come as a surprise that the western Govt only look out for their own interest. As much as the west can help us we as natives should grasp all the knowledge we can in order to lift our nations. Africa has the most resources but yet we are still the poorest continent. I think we can borrow a couple of pages from some eastern nations. Its about understanding where we can position ourselves as a nation in this global economy. I don't think any of the western nations will lift us to the point where we can become competitors, its all about having us depend on them without being partners.
Dr. John Maszka said…
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