Midway through elections, Muluzi and Tembo

I want to apologise to those that sent me several emails, Gerlad in Dhaka and many of you who were asking me where the hell am I on my blog. My last entry was the 100th, meaning I have not been really doing a good job. But from May 1, 2009 it will be daily reporting on elections as I will only have to write 17 articles. You see, I have had fun in the last week, predicting the MCP/UDF coalition, predicting again correctly that Gwanda Chakuamba will be the biggest loser to be caught up in his own games of changing parties and finally taking parties on their own promises.
Well President Bingu wa Mutharika wants more powers to appoint his own Vice President, according to article one of the DPP manifesto, which would surely delight his critics who believe he wants to be a dictator. Well everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think this is followed in many countries so some fears might be unfounded.
For JZU Tembo, his manifesto is well written, and his record as a Manager is quite excellent, but the politics of the country now would raise eyebrows as to what he is offering Muluzi in private, for now, he is in a formidable position to wrestle power from Bingu with Muluzi's backing.
Muluzi, well as predicted he missed the boat and now he needs a formulae of making himself relevant to the electoral process.
Some people want to know which side I would vouch for Malawians to cast their vote for. Of course I am privilaged to have met some of the presidential candidates and am looking forward to meeting President Mutharika in one to one interview before the vote. But for my endorsement, it will be here on My 17, 2009.
All parties have focused on Agriculture, cheating Malawiasn about fertiliser, cheap, universal or targeted, and the poor are having a hard choice. All are talking of poverty alleviation and some exploitation of the poorest youth, everybody who wants their vote is promising them a moon.
I want t differ, none of them is offering them practical solutions to dealing with the poverty. Which ever Government comes, there will be still piecemeal approach to addressing the core challenges an ordinary Malawian faces.
I find most of the messages misplaced and most of the parties will loose to independents, making the next parliament one of the most confused in recent times. Nobody will be able to track anything.
Finally for this week, let us start thinking of a coalition Government of all parties that we can utilise skills of diverse backgrounds scattered all over.
Next week I will start daily analsysis of each candidate in the presidential race. For South Africans congratulations for peaceful elections!!


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