Obama,Oprah, Madonna and Korean peninsula the BBC and Iran's Press TV

The digital revolution makes the media and being part of the mainstream media very interesting. Amid Gay scandals and moves to outlaw polygammy today I am happy just to get out of Malawi and talk of the new World order.
The problem with politicians is when you praise them, they expect praises throughout their term of office or they get angry with you to the point of rejecting interviews. There is a party leader in Malawi who has overstayed his welcome and at an appropriate time this blog will address him.
Talking of criticism, it is ideologically and career wise suicide to criticise President Barack Obama of the United States of America of handling some global and domestic issues more especially if you are white.
More worse if you are a black leader, you try to sound as black as possible, this saw one of the renonwed activists in the USA jumping to critique Tiger Woods for not cheating with a black woman.
Barack Obama biggest achievement has been the Healthcare Reform and for that he will for that he will add his place in history, apart from being the first blackman, but someone who cared and changed the lives for many.
Hospitals in Boston will now be able to many of the poor and homeless who used to habit the tube stations without asking them to be unconsicious first. The famous USD17 billion expenditure for health really served the privillaged class.
My problem with Obama is the same with other black successful leaders in the USA, he has failed to inspire and work to remove the spirit of self rejection among the black Americans and his global focus now seems to be going towards the same rejected George w Bush path.
In 2007, African Generation Project which aimed at revolutionising the young people in Africa tried unsuccessfully to reach a lot of black stars in the USA from Oprah Winfrey, Usher, Micheal Jackson to other well known producers and Hollywood stars like Eddie Murphay. Only returned unanswered mail came from these people who want to stand next to Nelson Mandela and proudly claim we are AFRICAN AMERICAN.
Actually that should go to Madonna, Angeline Jolie who seem ready to support Africa to change its destiny.I watched Morgan Freeman in Invictus- he should be well paid and be told to leave some change to a poor charity.
Where does Obama come in all this?
Watching Judy Cross documentaryon being born from a white mother and a black father and oppression the black people went through set me and my colleagues thinking, how many black rich and influential people really invest in causes for black Americans.
How many rich African businessmen and politicians give back into communities without seeking publicity from it.
Africans and African Americans in privilaged poeple lag behind in philathropy and even Mr.Obama has paid little attention to work and inspire a generation of the less privilaged to wake up and move forward.
Even his Global perceptictive seems to change, I expected him to send someone to talk to Koreans instead of talking tough to a regime that seems to be run by mad people who are even happy to starve their own citizens.
Obama a strange recipient of Nobel Peace Prize should be talking peace and not intimidation.
Obamas langauge is even now more scaring, after having the smoking gun and Iraq weapons of mass destruction, surely he should accept to give Iran more time to prove that the deal with Turkey and Brazil than advocate for people of Iran to suffer.
I find the new sanctions totally out of order, though I dont agree with the President of Iran and Press TV who spend millions of money on propaganda and state machinery to oppress and excute fellow Iranians when they claim to follow the Holy book.
The BBC too should strive on professional reporting much as many countries like Iran are restrictive, at least they have displayed compliance on nuclear fuel transfer. Otherwise the BBC will find themselves in another Andrew Giligan story whose theory of sexedup document became true after being disgraced by politicians!


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