The day I met two gods: Let Peter Mutharika take charge!

Being away from Malawi now could be considered the best options, especially with the raging fires that are going on at the moment. Nobody seems to have solution to the challenge.
But if we could all look deeper, our Founding Father the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda gave us the tools necessary to deal with the challenge we are facing today. Kamuzu- hated and loved by everyone had one word- Contact and Dialogue.
In the current battle, nobody is looking intelligent, everybody is looking silly, both the lecturers- by insisting for an apology that will not come and not having a fixed period for strike and Government for failing to find a solution to what everyone is calling a "simple problem.'
But the problem has revealed how endemic is the problem of not using the ears properly and the vacuum of leadership in many sectors that are mainly governed by politicians.
There are no experienced politicians around the President, what we have are Ministers sneeking at night at College campuses to give peanuts to what are supposed to be the intellectuals in making.
Of course the country is yet to hear from Professor Peter Mutharika, the DPP candidate for 2014, the Minister of Education and more importantly a distinguished University Lecturer for years in the field of Law and African studies.
His voice will make a difference if other praise singers shut up and gave him space to manage the crisis, I ma sure the end will be in sight.
Who made the decision to fire Dr. Garton Kamchedzera a respected Law professor? I mean is it someone fueling the strike deliberately for other good reasons?
More importantly, who stands to loose or benefit from a continued brawl? Definately Professor Peter is taking the battering. That is why whoever professes to love Bingu should be examined seriously what their contribution to this mess is before their advice is accepted.
Last time I met University Council bosses, they looked as messy as they are turning out to be. I think the Chairman and the rest can save their faces by simply resigning, they have no moral mandate to preside over a University after failing to meet their own employees for almost two months and opting to use letters instead of dialogue.
NelsoN Mandela spent 25 years without talking to the whites, he started in his 26th year and the next he was out. In Mozambique the spoke for a year after 17 years of Civil War, it ended.
Zimbabwe, before Mugabe and Tsvangirai spoke, there were beatings, arrests and tortures of gross propotions, when they started talkign they have been virtually eleminated. The same goes to Kenya, Angola and many more.
The solution lies in talking to one another- when the Council and the Lecturers start talking, they will find a solution. Freezing salaries, dismissals and all the razzmatazz that includes Police invading the campus will just increase tensions and solve nothing.
Perhaps the two are part of the gods I met in India this week.
That is why this week, I thought all the shocks had passed after flying into INDIA, the beloved country of His Excellency Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika, only to discover that the land is mor incredible that advertised.
The Honourable Minister of State for Environment and Forest pulled a good one that should have sent a born again Christian fainting. He said he had finished praying to god and the god was in his office.
We all ended our diplomacy and looked at him in total awe and shock. He graciously brought elephant god and monkey god for us to take pictures.
It was an incredible moment in incredible India.


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