Angry and tired politicians; why this years campaign is dull!

There is something wrong and conspicuously unappetizing about the flair, looks and even body language of our politicians. They look angry, very angry and in most cases detached from the same people they are trying to convince to vote for them.
Almost the whole lot of our 11 Presidential candidates for May 20, 2014 lack charisma and warmth that will show us they are human enough to be our leaders. Seriously all image makers should tell our candidates to smile a lot, joke and pretend with their election things will be better.
They look like angry grand fathers and mothers. Ask those that attended rallies this weekend will agree with me, nobody is telling Malawians anything new, just like lack of any good news.
They are so detached some of them will be telling people that there is no maize in Admarc at a rally when a stone throw away maize vendors are angry that over supplied Admarc maize has killed their businesses. Yes maize now is selling at K5000 it never hit the desired and prophecised K15,000.00.
This write up is not about serious issues, its about the depressing manner our candidates are postulating our future, their personal anger and indeed their prophecies of doom.
Malawi will not end with this election, neither have we read all the manifestos to see if the 11 candidates really have a solution to our poor healthcare, poor education, poor farming methods, the closure of Chikangawa forest, looting of public properties and funds, lack of coherent structure to translate knowledge into practical result oriented programmes, thieving politicians and civil servants, dwindling ethical culture, stealing prophets and prophetesses misleading Malawians and reaping them their hard earned money by promising false salvation, absence of real opportunities for the young generation, hey the list is endless.
Now go back and read all the stories from the weekend rallies, only angry words, no manifestos and not even interaction with ordinary citizens.
Our candidates are behaving like the Late Dr. Kamuzu Banda whose only public acceptance of an item from "his people" was the Lion Skin from Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani.
Our leaders dont interact or pretend to listen to the voters, they come to podiums and preach to the voters, tell them they are hungry when they have maize in their home. People want to move out of poverty through proper empowerment mechanism not maize debate for the whole year.
The opposition and governing parties are all engaged in carnival displays of power.
Next rally check how many body guards they have, how they carry "special chairs" for their Honourable behind to sit on.
Come on, when are you engaging with the voters. Like stop talking and allow voters to ask you questions at a roadside. Stop waving from your expensive VXs and say hallo to the kanyenya sellers ask them if they have any ambition and what would they do to move out of poverty.
I am asking our candidates to wear a human face and start speaking like collective entity. Dr Chakwera does that one better only that MCP officials need to find real material for his speeches like "How" things will be done differently than now.
If they want to be human, I would like to see Peter Mutharika drop from his car, dance and greet the youth morale with genuine smile not plastic ones. He should not hide at VIP stiff and always protected as if the next Malawians is full of nsabwe.
Atupele has tried to have a smile and walk, now he needs to engage the people.
Masten JB has managed to lift pail of water, moved into homes, she needs now to further engage Malawians.
Mark Katsonga and the rest are still preaching from podiums like Mutharika.
President Robert Mugabe knows how to move crowds, these dry speeches will tire people from listening to our candidates.
If you want to learn some political humor , even just  a greeting, I suggest you order some from President Bakili Muluzi. Listen but dont copy word by word, you will end up apologizing.
Can we have people pump in some life in our campaign, jokes, creativity and human faced candidates give hope to Malawians that after May 20, there is a bright shining Malawi.
Pano eeish, it seems if some of them wont win, despite that they are 11 and only one will win, Malawi will become something different.
If you want to sale something, you sound positive, hopeful and make your case.
The rhetoric so far has been from Angry, I mean very angry and tired politicians........perhaps the youth are really needed now!


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