Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Why is everybody holding information

Everyone has been left with one question, is it really true nobody knows where the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is? The answer is yes and no.
Yes to the fact that the civilian population really does not know where the plane disappeared to. The NO is that the military establishments of United States of America, China and others like Vietnam, Philippines, India and possibly Turkey and Israel they have an idea or possible location of the plane.
The whole razzmatazz is about politics and intelligence. The Malaysian Government will not survive long, confidence will wane and more importantly its image has shaken to the core. They have to democratize quick enough to restore the confidence of its own population. Thats the real cost to Malaysia.
But what about the other countries?
The challenge is that the area is of vital political, military and intelligence interests to all major powers.
It was the scene of the World Wars, Vietnam war and eventually the Cold War!
Who wants to reveal their military, intelligence and other assests.
There are 634 air strips across the area, there are many more hidden equipment of spying or intelligence gathering in the area.
No wonder the plane cannot be found, it might have landed on a wrong airstrip!
Someone I am sure knows where it is but cant say where for fear of upsetting their friends and foes.
This week I am sure it will be found, likely as a wreckage though I pray for the best!
Politics remains the real reason the plane has not been found!


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