Chris Brown to some political comedy down in Malawi

I was out of the country for a whole good eight days, though stressful trip but I managed to have ample time to watch television sample the internet and follow on issues around the World. There was the report of Chris Brown and his alleged fight with Rihanna.
Interestingly, Rihanna is now the victim, according to all versions and Brown, taken as a soft boy after Usher has seen his world crumble. Endorsements have been canceled left, right and centre.
While domestic violence is a crime, perhaps the crowds of judges who have lashed out at Chris needs to give a dude some time and go through the issues properly.
For one there was a fight yes, but what caused it we will know when justice starts its machinery, otherwise I saw it last time when Akon danced with a girl in Trindad, some big phone company rushed to make its cancellations, but seriously nobody wanted to know what the girl was doing underage in a club of 18.
Of course for Brown, hey its time to control the emotions, otherwise with the crisis any excuse to cut the budget is a great opportunity.
Finally back home, I found former Ghana President John Kufour and Mozambiques Joachim Chissano, they all had come on an African Union Mission as Malawi prepares for general elections on May 19, 2009.
Seriously, the two who retired from their office met our Former President who is seriously campaigning for a come back.
I thought it was a comedy worth airtime, how does Bakili Muluzi face his colleagues. The man never stops to amaze me.
About Ghaddafi being the head of the AU thats something we deserve for allowing mediocricy in the organisation. How can a non-elected official advise elected heads of state and chair their discussions. Some political commedies on the continent.


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