Viva my country's democracy

So in earnest the journey towards our fourth multiparty general elections starts today. Malawi has been blessed as one of the few stable democracies in Africa and the most peaceful on the contienent. Never have we experienced any typre of violence.
Of course the political drama already started with real and staged party conventions, staged and real party primaries and more importantly former President Bakili Muluzi's dream to start all over again as a President.
I have written my analysis of the many issues that sorroung the three potential candidates names State President Bingu wa Mutharika, Leader of Opposition John Tembo and the former President and UDF candidate Bakili Muluzi. Much of it has come to pass and I am very glad.
Yes, I said DPP has no structures to manage itself through primaries, I am glad two Ministers recalled my discussions with them and called me. For UDF how they can managed the situation of Muluzi will be entirely to them. For MCP it seems they have changed indeed, the guys look serious enough to upset tables. For today thats where it ends.
But today the first candidate for presidential elections one GANIZA did not turn up at the MEC offices, he must surely be nuts-but not least expected.
Seriously I only see Dr. Cassim Chilumpha as the only one standing for presidential office as an independent and a fall back position for Bakili Muluzi should the expected happen, that he will be barred from standing.
The only trick is that he might not be barred by MEC but by a challenge to the High Court of Malawi or the Constitutional court. MEC rules limit it to the elections acts as it stated vehemently during the questions of nominations and tally centre.
I have avoided commenting on the process until it is official as to who is standing, I have never published anything concerning runningmates or my analysis which is roting in my notepad.
But all the fun towards a general election is here and believe you me, Malawians do it in style, DPP Regional Governor for the Centre Bintony Kutsaira was escorted by masked dancers and alulating women. The pomp and colour of politics in full swing.
In Blantyre the first two exepected to present nominations a Mr. Ganiza and Mr. Chawawa added the spice of the day- they failed to turn up to present their papers as independent Presidential candidates.
Now two have failed, we are remaining with the other sixteen candidates expected to have a go at my hard earned tax paid for position of President of the Republic of Malawi.
Having seen three democratic elections I am sure Malawians are now ready to deliver their judgement based on issues not faces or tribes of origin.
Someone asked how the ballot will look like, here is my pick:
His Excellency Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika
Runningmate: Hon. Henry Chimunthu Banda. M.P/ Rt. Hon. Luios Chimango M.P
Rt. Hon Dr. Cassim Chimlumpha
Runningmate: Unidentified/ Hon Friday Jumbe MP
Rt. Hon J.Z.U Tembo M.P
Runningmate: Hon. Brown Mpinganjra M.P
Dr. Bakili Muluzi
Runningmate: Hon. Clement Stambuli M.P/ Retired Judge
Stanely Masauli
Runningmate: Ms Kuthyola
Hon. Mark Katsonga Phiri M.P
Runningmate: Unknown
Lets start with these, for the Rainbow coalition's Loveness Gondwe and Afords Dindi Gowa Nyasulu they should seriously look for an alliance partner


you're capturing the election tempo well. You will do a great job if you keep updating us on matters and analysis on the ground about the country thats may passion.

keep it up

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