We are here to preserve democracy and not to practice it- The tale of Peoples Party Leaders

I told you so, is a new song after the kwacha appreciated, well as expected marginally. Swiftly fuel prices have been adjusted downwards, forget that it was imported at a higher kwacha value. Of course maize which leads to inflation have all gone down. Thanks to the magic wand of economic reforms by Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda, chiwongolero dziko lonse, Forbes most influential African woman.... the list is getting longer everyday.
But for  a patriotic Malawi, desperate for good news, let us celebrate and hope that we get a breather until somewhere in September when we start importing fertilizers and all other small items. May be we should ban importation of all materials locally found, or Dr. Ken Lipenga who is expected to become a long serving Finance Minister in the multiparty era can just introduce high taxes on imported toothpicks and a litany of useless Chinese materials that are all over Lilongwe and other cities.
Of course it feels bad everyday to see the youthful Moses Kunkuyu trying hard not to sound like Hetherwick Ntaba, Vuwa Kaunda or Patricia Kaliati, he might be different in voice, but the trick is the same, the more refusals, clarifications and contradictions issued shows that things are not adding up somewhere.
Nothing actually is adding up in the country. One might chose to wear some Orange coated glassed and hide behind the sweet smell of an orange, the truth is that something is not adding up somewhere and where people are honest to themselves, they honestly try to look for it and find solutions.
But we you have a political grouping full of recycled politicians as the Peoples Party has, it is difficult to bring in the real change. The politics of Brown Mpinganjira, Sidik Mia, Hophmally Makande, Uladi Mussa, Harry Mkandawire, Ken Nsonda and many others can all be traced from Bakili Muluzi College of Politics.
Someone calls it neither a democrat nor a dictator. These politicians have refined themselves to talk of democracy while not believing it. They preach tolerance while chasing the poor Inkosi Bvumbwe to apologise for speaking his mind. 
The biggest threat to Joyce Banda is how Malawians percieve her collection of Cabinet and party faithfuls, her pronouncement and her ability to show that she is in charge and not intimidated to answer every innuendo that comes with the office.
Every good news for the Peoples Party is doused with some strange statement from nowhere which dominates the political landscape for weeks erasing the good things that have happened. The social media apologists have failed to tick, while the larger group has failed to find a strategy to sale the party.
Very few senior party officials can wear a badge of loyalty in public, just like many MPs including front bench would be very quite in Parliament when the President and Government come under fire.
The signs as they are indicate of a divided loyalty within the establishment and a Government that is far from the reality.
Malawians are angry with the high cost of living, just like those in Greece, Spain, Italy and others. 
The reckless abandon of how people speak or respond to well intentioned criticism is slowly invoking the memories of 'headless chickens" and threats from the high offices to its own electorate.
Unfortunately for the Peoples Party Leaders, time is against their side. Only 360 less days to go before the next elections. The party structure is not very visible in Lower  Shire, Lhomwe belt and even in many parts of Eastern region where total vote cast in 2009 exceed 1.8 million.
With the rejuvenated Malawi Congress Party, the game in Central Region would likely be different now.
Perhaps it is time to abandon the philosophy of preserving democracy and not practice it. Perhaps the less Moses Kunkuyu voice on air, the less defensive Government would sound to Malawians looking for honest answers.
Surely soon after buying new Prados for Cabinet, there is not need for Ken Nsonda to taunt Malawians that the PP can afford 50 vehicles without raising eyebrows. This is the attitude that saw popularity of President Bingu wa Mutharika wane faster than he ascended into office.
Malawians are struggling and the ruling class should be seen to be suffering with them, not enjoying more than them!
Perhaps 2014 is still five years away!


Gerald said…
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Unknown said…
Dear Kondwani,
Firstly conglatulations for being the blogger of the year you deserve it!
Where is your studio bro? It seems you are growing bigger and bigger hope sooner than later you will have your own broadcasting house!

Keep it up, however I encourage you to hyperlink with other popular online media.

Thank you.

Gerald said…
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Gerald said…
Honest opinion, welcome back. PP like DPP becoming architects of their own downfall. I once had, just like for Bingu in the first term, goodwill for amayi but would never vote for her "olo atandithila doom mkamwa". DPP bought those blue pick-ups and touted that "well-wishers" had donated the funds for the purchase. PP has joined the same chorus. This is a party which was cash strapped just before they got into Govt. Where were the well wishers then? Now they have appeared and donated a whooping MK750 million for cars, just cars? To me this is daylight robbery of the taxpayer/donor. Assuming that, by the remotest probability, they got the MK750 mil from wellwishers, don't the guys have any guts for modesty in such austerity??? This adds to the sad news I heard earlier that JB will provide her own subsidy in addition to the Govt one. Has she suddenly become so rich or has she suddenly courted so many "well wishers" to have that financial capability? All this in the background of having refused to declare her assets. Under the current leadership Malawi is doomed. You have all the notorious, self interested and bad mouthed guys in the party. If JB assembled this bunch, well...birds of a feather...I could go on and on but let these words suffice...PP out, let's try Atupele or MCP

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