Bingu wa Mutharika: a different man everyday

I am now beginning to understand why it is very difficult to work with my President. Actually if I was given a position to defend my President or in Cabinet, surely one would have to think alot before accepting it. Consistency is a very big asset for a Leader. My President is a different man everyday. Here is part of his speech today:

"If government has not done anything it doesn't meant it can't do anything. All those who are doing nonsense things I can arrest them all if I want to. I want you to know that. Government is government but I'm remaining quite because I believe in democracy. So when some people are drunk talk doesn't mean I can't arrest you. I want you to know, don't think that just because somebody outside said so I cannot arrest you, I can arrest you, let this country go on fire if you want to.
But what I want you to know, ladies and gentlemen of Malawi, I want to let you know that enough is enough, enough is enough, I can't take this insolence any more.

Just a few days ago I was in that hall, some gentleman in there with his clerical collar was saying: 'Bingu, you're the most stupid person, you're a fool'. He said: 'You're stupid, you're a fool'. With that, in those days (one-party days) could he have come out there alive? I want you to know these things, but I'm a patient person, but because of my patience some think I'm a fool. But you're being mistaken because when I spring up you'll see.

I'm saying these things because in this country we've done a lot of things...we've done a lot of things. I have run this country...taking it from the bad position it was in to bring it here. In this this country I have ended hunger, in this country I have ended the HIV/AIDS scourge, in this country I have built roads, in this country I have built hospitals, in this country I have built schools, but all these things somebody says 'no, it's nothing'. What is nothing?

I have set up a committee, a committee so that we can talk. Some people say: 'No, we don't want, we don't want that committee'. So what do you want? I have established a Presidential Contact and Dialogue Group and you say you don't want it, what the hell do you want? What the hell do you want?

I want you to know, you Malawians, I want you to ask these things that: 'What do these people want?' because I have established a committee so that we talk but they say they don't want. That committee the one heading it is a respectable gentleman, Retired Archbishop Dr. Bernard Malango, he is also PhD holder, not a simple person. But they say they don't want. So what do you want?

So if you don't want to talk say 'on such such a day we should start a war' if you want to star a war." - President Bingu wa Mutharika of Malawi, speaking at the official opening of the 2011 Annual Agriculture Fair in Blantyre on August 25, 2011


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