President Mutharika, you missed it all

For starters, it is time President Bingu wa Mutharika realise that not all voices pleading with him to change are against his administration. Honestly arrogance has cost him a lot of freinds and he is now sorrounded by many who only want to milk him off.
Take the comical example of someone paying for a full page advert on riots in the United Kingdom. I do not see any sense by anybody thinking that he would equate the riots in England and try to make fun of it.
By amplifying the United Kingdom riots, someone is telling Malawians that it is okey to go and riot and burn things. Human mind intepretation of any events is mostl personal and in Malawi the views are amplified by those that sorround you.
His Excellecny the Ngwazi, is sorrounded by a National Governing Council and a Cabinet that leaks all his meetings much faster than they sit down. Many are already on their way out to other parties or waiting to jump ship at an opportune time. The President should have maintained the public opinion in his favour, that using disgruntled politicians to tell him he is still popular.
If Bingu was told the truth, even during the whistle stops, most of the vendors were rude to the core and even Policemen smiled at innuendos being thrown at the President.
This is time for serious reflection and less political games, the President can make some decisions today and change the course of history and restore part of his damaged legacy.
Every weekend I find myself outside the country for one meeting or another, and so far one question everybody asks: what happened to Bingu.
The President journey of crisis was started by whoever decided to start castigating Joyce Banda on the national radio and television. The same group launched a camapigng for Peter Mutharika.
On thing I have always indicated is that Professor Peter Mutharika had better chances to succeed his brother than any other candidate, if his campaign was handled by honest and experienced hands. Unfortunately people see him as a money making machine.
Someone launched the road to 2014, another a programme to bring Chiefs to endorse him and another groups started rallies across the country. All this was done without any proper strategy. There were no pretesting or evaluation of the outcomes.
Unfortunately, the President now is fighting the same groups that ably defended him between 2004-2009. That group Your Excellency is the majority. There are no tribes behind it as one myopic writer puts it nor is it a question of being bought. If people were bought, Government should have bought everybody to its side. President Bakili Muluzi seemed to have found the right prices even for opposition leaders like John Tembo and Chakufwa Chihana.
Then came the Churches, the Livingstonia synod is one of the strongest Churches that commands an entire region. It would be political suicide to be a folly against them. That is why when Reverend Levi Nyondo was arrested, all Nothern based politicians-cum-lawyers offered their services albeit for free. They know the price of associating with the region.
The President all missed the boat, when instead of inviting the Catholic Bishops after their letter, his ill thinking advisers took the war to the Church. As one preacher said later: Governments come and go but the Church of God remains.
It takes a man and a real man to realise that I was heading to the wrong direction and I need to retract, but when I heard my President speak on Sunday August 14, I knew that we are not heading in the right direction. Someone is still cheating him or simply he still far away from reality.
After the death of 19 people, Mutharika should have been a political and real father of his angry Children, he still uses "My Government" and he still says he will chase those responsible.
Now those responsible are everywhere, the Church, the Civil Society, the Media, the Academics and the general population. Your Excellency, you cannot be fighting your own people, you are supposed to lead them.
The President and his security apparatus should have realised that things were not okey way before July 20 when someone leaked a signed contract of the First Lady. That was politically damaging to the exetent that the Mother of the Nation no longer commands the respect she deserves as she is seen as an opportunist milking the money from the poor.
The same applies to all the leakages in Government, from Cabinet through the National Governing Council, every deal including the Fertiliser subsidy scandal which is brewing now about those Asians rejected but forced to be awarded contracts will only add salt to the injury.
It is time President wa Mutharika started living in reality than listening to a section of people whose advise is coated with where do I get the bread from tommorrow. He needs honest people.
I have identified that his relations most of the young people wish him well and can tell him the truth. There are many I can list down here but their jobs might be at risk, but the truth is that the President should look seriously at those who give him daily information and advises him to attack- they are mainly sheeps in wolves skin.
The President should change his teams at NGC, Cabinet and Parliamentary levels. They have failed him and they lied to him. His popularity is at the lowest levels and his International legacy has been crashed to the core.
He still has enough time


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