Cabinet Update: Expect massive reshuffle

Most of the Cabinet members in the last Cabinet should not expect re-appointments, accoridng to sources close to the process. There will be a slashing in deputies and perhaps even full Ministries. But most of the occupants will be new and experienced hands in politics. The officials reason: the last Cabinet many were not working, enjoying privilages without political or any other sacrifices. Most members of the Cabinet were not even in touch with issues on the ground as President Bingu wa Mutharika realised, they told him lies even up to the 20th where they told him it was vendors and a few people demonstrating.
After meeting with Security Chiefs on July 20, the President issued a sober statement that calmed Malawians but after Juy 21 after convening an emergency cabinet Meeting that ended at 10pm, he was back in combative mood due to the competition in telling lies to the Head of State from the former Ministers.
Malawians are expecting a lean Cabinet- though this cannot be confirmed, while some Members of Parliament who have just joined the DPP expect some reward to becom Ministers. This might cause discontent among those that worked hard for the party.
As of now one MP from Lilongwe who moved from Opposition benches is torturing staff at MBC to use all his interviews just to be seen
The most ironic thing, the MP has told freinds that he is already in Cabinet. We await for Bingu miracles.
This update has to messages confirmed: Many should not expect a return while the release date is said to be next week not this week. I have a 5-thousand kwacha bet with my boss who say his sources told him tommorrow.
I say next week!


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