Some political musings: If Bingu resigned today

One thing about Malawi is that you never get bored of what is going to happen next. Already there is a talk of an impending Cabinet RESHUFFLE. I would not render credence to such rumours.
Others have been questioning the appointment of the Head of the National Intelligence Service. Someone asked me my opinion, I said he has just been made the most powerful politician in the land. He, by this week now knows everything about his political rivals, in and outside the Democratic Progressive Party. Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin was the head of KGB and he used it to rise to power, the same with South African President Jacob Zuma when he was in exile with the ANC. So Bintony today holds the fate of many politicians especially those that used to step on his toes, otherwise the general public has nothing to worry, it will mainly be an internal fight in the ruling party.
But I was reading one of the many articles that justify the call for President Bingu wa Mutharika to either quit or change. My thoughts took me to the rest of the parties and decided to muse what type of cabinet we would have if the Peoples Party, UDF or MCP won the election or were asked to form Government today:

The Malawi Congress Party

President HE John Tembo
Vice President Rt. Honourable MacDonald Lombola
Minister of Foreign Affairs Kamphantengo Yona
Minister of Finance Watson Makala Ngozo
Minister of Justice Henry D. Phoya
Minister of Health Maureen Bondo
Minister of Home Affairs Joseph Njobvuyalema
Minister of Toursim Vitus Dzooole Mwale
Minister of Gender Jean Sendeza
Ministry of Education Joyce Azizi Banda
Minister of Local Government Rachel Zulu
Minister of Agriculture Beston Majoni
Minister of Youth Alekeni Menyani
Minister of Information Nancy Tembo
Minister of Trade Titus Malipa
Minister of Labour Jeromy Waluza
Minister in OPC Portipher Chidaya

Could this be the best team to take Malawi out of this crisis? My mind wondered to another party:

Peoples Party

HE President Joyce Banda
Vice President Khumbo Kachali
Minister of Foreign Affairs Brown Mpinganjira
Minister of Finance Henry Chibwana
Minister of Justice Paul Maulidi
Minister of Gender Clara Makungwa
Minister of Health Boniface Kadzamira
Minister of Home Affairs Anita Kalinde
Minister of Information Clement Stambuli
Minister of Education Rev. Chimkwita Phiri
Minister of Labour Kizito Ngwembe
Minister of Trade Salim Bagus
Minister of Youth Jane Chirunga
Minister of Agriculture Harry Mkandawire
Minister in OPC Steven Mwenye

That would be the best shot from Peoples Party present line up and the final one to be though of was a combination of UDF factions headed by FRIDAY JUMBE. Atupele has not been considered as he does not qualify till 2013.

HE President Friday Jumbe
Vice President Sam Mpasu
Minister of Foreign Affairs Davies Katsonga
Minister of Justice Dr. Cassim Chilumpha
Minister of Home Affairs Hophmally Makande
Mnister of Gender Lillian Patel
Minister of Health Dr. George Nga Mtafu
Minister of Agriculture Humphrey Mvula
Minister of Trade Kennedy Makwangwala
Minister of Youth Moses Dossi
Minister of Youth Levi Luwemba
Minister of Information Ken Ndanga

That is all I could recall from the fromer ruling party. It was very amusing to think what alternatives we have should the DPP exit from power at the moment. I hope we are all wide awake and think seriously of our future. I will do my own cabinet list for 2012 which can help solve the current crisis, this is just an amusing cabinet I could think of!


Kho, none of those combinations is capable of taking us out of this crisis. The best way is to form a coalition government which shud take over when Bingu quits. Unfortunately these recycled politicians are not giving us any hope.
Mercy Chimete said…
Probably the MCP one wud work, though not 100%. The UDF composition, mmm??? As for PP, I think they are not enough... And most of them are just recycled politicians; only a few individuals wud giv us som hop (JB, Khumbo and a few others)
These are the ideal numbers of a Cabinet. You ahve to combine some Minstries though especaially when yoou forget Defence which is a staus symbol of all political Parties though they do not support it financialy. I could fit in the bill for that portofolio in all your three scnerios. (joke)

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