Mabvuto Banda tells Kaliati-DPP cheated Malawians

Nation Publications Limited Bureau Chief for Lilongwe Mabvuto Banda this morning told Government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati that her party cheated Malawians as evidenced by what is happening now.Here is what transpired this morning at the Central Office of Information:

Mabvuto: Why is Government so scared about PAC meeting. Traditionally we have always have these meetings where people decide their future. It was there in 1992-93 to end the one party regime of Banda and the same happened in 2002 when people stopped the third term. You were there you supported the third term. That is the feeling of many people.

Kaliati: Government is not scared but it is concerned with the castigation. They are just castigating everybody without any solutions. If they are serious why cant they focus on issues than castigation. The question is yours, dont say people are saying this, that is your opinion. Even yourself you have not offered solution.

Mabvuto: That is not my job to offer solutions, I am not Government.

Kaliati: No you are Government, you people elected the Government its is your job, if not whose job do you think it is.

Mabvuto: It is yours Honourable Minister. People did not elect me to offer solutions. They elected you to solve their problems, like the ones we are facing.

Kaliati: Yes, so people elected us meaning they know we will solve the problems. Thats why they elected us.

Mabvuto: No, the DPP cheated them that you will solve their problems.

Kaliati: But thats not the point if people are meeting to solve problems they should offer solutions and not castigate each other.

Kaliati tone was very calm and they moved to other questions. After the briefing they talked for some time joking on various issues, before agreeing to continue talking to each other on issues affecting Malawi. It was a first!


Unknown said…
Hahahahahahaha...koma kumeneko...
A kaliati sangakhalenso ndi mphamvu zoyankhira mafunso like b4. She knws th trueth n w@ wil come soon.
A kaliati sangakhalenso ndi mphamvu zoyankhira mafunso like b4. She knws th trueth n w@ wil come soon.
Phiri Phiri said…
Honestly.its like you have not.zipped.your trouser and people are.pointing at you.Then you start questioning what the problem is.Can someone there have the five senses and ask questions like 'why is the nation against us now?'Why was there no bad publicity in the first term?Does every one who is complaining about our.bad policies eying for presidency?These are questions every sane person has to ask if things are not going your way
Gerald said…
bravo Mabvuto! these ppo need to be told in the face like that. enough of this DPP Govt! Enough PLZ!
mkwww. said…
My malawi is hope dying slowly everyday

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