Malawi political tensions up now-JB wants manual recount of all ballots

President Joyce Banda, who has been running up third has asked the Electoral Commission to recount manually all ballot papers cast in Tuesday's General Elections. The Electoral Commission is rejecting allegations that its computer systems were hacked by the Opposition Democratic Progressive Party whose candidate Professor Peter Mutharika has taken an early lead. However most of the results announced were coming from tally centres and not involved in any computerised system. Political tensions should be running high as the President read  an alleged suicide note from Former Deputy Minister of Local Government Godfrey Jefa Kammanya, who killed himself Thursday morning. The note states "DPP threatened I will be killed, I would rather go in peace than be killed"
Legal minds are yet to confirm if the President has powers to suspend the electoral process but the constitution states that She remains in charge until the next President is sworn in. We call Malawians to remain at peace and prayer until elections results and their will is decided


Unknown said…
Eish this tension is not good, especially from the head of state. I am sure all will be ok without serious reactions from all parties
Unknown said…
There should be no need for a total recount, and no decision imposition by one person, if democracy is to prevail, and not derailed by undemocratic beings whose party also ruled without being voted in.
Unknown said…
Am a zambian and am loving this blog .with it I can update my malawians friends who are with me here in southafrica about the election proceedings.

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