Presidential and Parliamentary projections

Professor Peter Mutharika out of 1,100 polling centres of 4445 has surged to 31 percent
Dr. Lazaroua Chakwera of the same polling centres stands at 25 percent
Dr. Joyce Banda at the same polls now at 23 percent
Mr. Atupele Muluzi at the same polls now at 15 percent

Parliamentary Candidates for Karonga:
We can project that Frank Mwenefumbo will reclaim his seat of Karonga Central (independent)
We can project that JB Kamwambi of DPP is poised to take Karonga Northwest
We can project Vincent Ghambi of DPP is poised to take Karonga North
PP has already claimed Karonga South with Reverend Malani Msowoya
Wating for final projection for MCP Runningmate Richard Msowoya in Karonga Nyungwe
We should close Karonga district soon.


Unknown said…
Rev Malani Msowoya yayi...
muyopi said…
Any news on Mganda Chiume

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