Full Cabinet List

H.E the State President: Mrs. Joyce Banda
Vice President and Minister of Health: Rt. Honourable Khumbo Kachali
Minister of Agriculture and Food Security:  Hon. Peter Mwanza M.P
Minister of Foreign Affairs:  Hon Ephraim Mganda Chiume M.P
Minister of Information: Dr. Moses Kunkuyu M.P
Minister of Transport and Public Works: Hon. Sidik Mia M.P
Minister of Economic Planning: Hon Atupele Muluzi M.P
Minister of Justice and Attorney General: Hon Ralph Kasambara
Minister of Irrigation and Water Development: Ritchie Muheya M.P
Minister of Finance: Dr. Ken Lipenga
Minister of Education, Science and Technology:  Hon. Eunice Kazembe M.P
Minister of Labour:  Hon. Eunice Makangala
Minister of Local Government and Rural Development: Hon. Grace Maseko M.P
Ministers of Home Affairs: Hon.Uladi Mussa M.P
Minister of Trade and Private Sector Development: Hon. John Bande M.P
Minister of Energy and Mining: Rt. Hon. Dr. Cassim Chilumpha M.P
Minister of Environment and Climate Change: Hon. Catherine Gotani Hara M.P
Minister of Gender and Child Affairs: Hon. Anita Kalinde M.P
Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Planning: Hon.Henry Duncan Phoya M.P
Minister of Tourism and Wildlife: Hon. Daniel Liwimbi M.P
Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture: Hon. Enoc Chakufwa Chihana M.P
Minister of Defence: Hon. Ken Kandodo M.P
Minister of Disability and the Elderly: Reene Kachere

Deputy Ministers:

Agriculture: Hon. James Ulemu Chilapondwa M.P
Gender: Hon. Jennifer Chilunga M.P
Finance:  Hon. Ralph Jooma M.P
Foreign Affairs: Hon.Racheal Mazombwe Zulu M.P
Education: Hon. Chiku Hiwa M.P
Transport: Hon. Sosten Gwengwe M.P
Local Government: Hon Augastine Mtendere M.P
Environment: Hon. Ibrahim Matola M.P


Fryson Chodzi said…
Speaking for myself, I am not impressed with the potifolio of Youth. Enock Chihana? Madam could have done better with this position, Otherwise good cabinet and let the work begin. Wish them a very good Crisis recovery.
I agree with Fryson on Enock Chihana, there could be a better candidate. And Ken Lipenga for finance again...hmmm, not sure if its the smartest choice. Let's hope for the best
Lawrence 33 said…
This is a very good beginning for Malawi as a nation. The multi-congregational political nature of the cabinet could creat enough room for political co-existence and that is very good for democracy! There is hope that the new president will now tolerate and accept divergence at some point as Malawi heads back to popular democracy.. I wish the entire nation and its people well!

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