Arrested Journalist being taken to Court

Blantyre Police are expected to take BNL Journalist Clement Chinoko for hearing this morning. The boycott of the social media by this blog will be temporarily suspended pending the outcome of the hearing. Should he not be released on bail, we will continue the boycott until he is out.
We do not support any unethical conduct, but we are against the arrest of a Journalist for writing a story.
There are ways and manners we deal with wrong stories but not arresting a Journalist. That is the premise of the boycott.
Once again there are enough measures to deal with the matter, without arresting the Journalist. That is pure intimidation!


Gerald said…
what happens to a journalist who writes unethically and the subjects of the story are not even able to sue? After gathering information on how the "lesbian" story came to be it is hard to understand how BNL could carry could carry it if they have a reputation. How could they carry an article on such a sensitive matter without first getting the facts right? Were they paid? Now that we hear that the subjects in the story have denied being lesbian, have they made an apology? He perhaps did not need to be detained but that was gross irresponsibility on the part of the editor of the newspaper and the journalist in my opinion.

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