DPP Vice President quizzed for four hours over "Coup Plot"

DPP third Vice President Dr. Jean Kalirani was on Thursday evening to the Malawi Police Service headquarters at Area 30 by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) where this blog understands spent four hours being quizzed over the alleged coup plot plotted by Cabinet Ministers on April 6, 2012 after the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika.
Dr. Kalirani has been warned not to speak to anyone about the matter, but family sources indicated Police officers went to her house earlier in the morning to look for her and she reported at Area 30 around 3pm.
Police sources indicate its in relation to her role she played.
Other sources indicated to this blog earlier in the week that some warrants of arrests have been obtained for Former Information and Civic Education Minister Patricia Kaliati, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Kondwani Nankhumwa, Former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Henry Mussa, former Deputy Minister in the Presidents Office Nicholas Dausi.
There is an online report alleging of consipirancy to murder charges, but the matter is about the coup plot!


Anonymous said…
samwale RSA said…
Let Malawians learn something from this, coz many wen they are in government they don't want to listen, they behave like they will stay forever, mainly kaliati must face de law with her big mouth.
Baldwin said…
Amasewera pa ulimbo!
Baldwin said…
Amasewera pa ulimbo!
maso pasogolo said…
what is it to arrest people for, what is treason if I may ask? What amounts to treason.
What is the law? Why do you get two or more lawyers in one case with contrary views, one defending the accused and the other prosecuting ?
Do a person have a right to seek legal opinion, is seeking an opinion amounts to committing a crime? Do you topple government legally ? We are told these people were wanted to file for a constitutional review with the court. Where is treason. When you don't know that you don't know , you think you know when you don't. In such a case don't comment kills ungalowe cha akazi chimbuzi
Yakeen said…
Kufufuza sikulakwa afunseni basi

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