The end of Malawi Opposition?

Today, Leader of Opposition John Tembo has declared that he has nothing to oppose against the Peoples Party led Government. In a normal civilised country, the Malawi Congress Party should have offered to resign as Leader of Opposition. But this is Malawi, where politics follows some strange principles than expected norms in society.
By making an open declaration that he no longer will not oppose Government but offer advice and encourage it. His Parliamentarians clapped hands for him.
Malawi used the word opposition, but other countries minority leader. He is paid by us tax payers to offer critical voice in a democracy by being called Leader of Opposition.
Times have indeed changed in this country, but responsibilities, especially those in public office has not changed in Malawi.
My prayer has been that Journalists should remain Journalists, Civil Society should remain as such while Politicians should all join their ranks and do politics.
Of course I am always amused by the Joyce Banda strategy of politics where most of those she started with have largely remained in the sidelines while new faces occupy strategic and crucial Government positions. I am well aware of discontent within her ranks, but that we will expound later.
Tembo said he will have to look to his right to oppose. To his left is where the DPP is located. We are in an interesting era where the DPP and MCP will be opposing each other.
The essence of having an opposition is to have an alternative view or a Government in waiting. Now Civil Society gurus are at State House and OPC, Media Managers at State House, Religious Leaders in Electoral Commission, some sharp and decent politicians like Nancy Tembo also sent the same way.
I am fearing for what will happen to critical voices. Nobody trusts DPP can offer the alternatives, but can we  hopefully look forward to a few decent Malawians who are contented with their present roles and that they will speak the truth where it matters.
Some senior Leaders of the UDF have joined the Peoples Party, Honourable John Tembo says there is nothing to oppose any more.
Malawi no longer has opposition! Hope our democracy will out last most of our politicians


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