From fake Lesbians, GEMINI might be a Hoax

Its four hours and nobody can tell you the names of missing Officers allegedly locked by some magic. The search team keeps increasing in numbers but nobody seems to have a definite location of the couple. The crowds are enjoying themselves some cracking jokes, the best so far is we should use this "technology" to prevent the spread of Aids.
This week we have not been behaving like a country, some Fake accounting from Government and MRA, some fake Lesbians getting engaged, Some nude pictures of a broadcasters and now some rumour which is looking like a hoax..... two people stuck inside of each other after sex.... May be it could have been a prank played on all gossip loving Malawians...still the search is going on! 


samwale RSA said…
Ako we have read from other blogs that the man is Mr gondwe, and they have even mentioned his post at ministry of gender, how come the wife is not showing up to claim de husband? Even the cleaners husband ,where is he?
Lacey said…
I wonder what the author means by GEMINI might be a Hoax. lesvianas

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