Special campaign: devalue out cheating traders!

Devaluation has happened, but some thieving traders who kept pushing prices up claiming they were using Black Market dollars to order goods, yesterday also increased their prices. It is time to stop these cheating traders. Lets name and shame any cheating trader on this blog. Let us help each other access traders who are selling at honest price. Text, tweet, email or Facebook to any of Kondwani Munthali accounts of numbers on prices going up or those traders selling cheaply. Its time to devalue out all thieving traders.


kamateso said…
would you enquire how Multichoice were coming up with rates of MK25, 500 on premium bouquet when in dollars its USD75? Was it Mk340 on the dollar? And yesterday they were charging MK22500, was it 1USD = 300 MK
Anonymous said…
SANA mainshop in Lilongwe.My wife was on the till about to pay for her groceries on Monday(the day devaluation was announced) at around 0400pm and was told that the prices have been adjusted.Was that not meant to be old stock?.

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