Devaluation: what has gone up since then minus salaries, wages

1. Fuel:: Petrol from K390 to K490, Diesel from K380 to K475
2. Sugar, up by 23 percent.
3. ESCOM electricity tarrifs from K11 per KW to K16 per KW
4. General goods average between 20 to 20 percent.
5. Night Queens: Yet to send their new price list (lol)


Unknown said…
This is expected since we now have a free economy, though the government should make sure to discuss with donors in time to shield a mare Malawian on the ground from the darts of economic hardships. We look forward to the time when our currency will gain its power and triumph over the negative impacts of devaluation. Keep updating us Khondwani.
Yakeen said…
Some one should school me for I dont know the reason why salaries should not be revised, coz the rise in the fuel price means evrything will rise including house rents..mwati titani for us to survive

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