Police are fearing suicide or death by saffocation

There Police who have been here since 5.30pm are visibly tired of the search, some keys are available some are not. Some officers are making it worse by not answering their phones. This is a special appeal from inside Gemini House if you have information that might help to locate the alleged sex-locked couple please do so. There are two possible scenarios now due to the long silence, either the couple is very weak and cannot shout for help, or they might commit suicide due to shame and fear of the crowds.
Help Police to save life, now its becoming a crisis not any more a gossip story, try to account one another and anyone with the truth might save life by disclosing their whereabouts..........


samwale RSA said…
Ako we are waiting to hear the truth and wat is happening dat side, we will check u in the morning for more updates.

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