Malawi's number one blog- Its because of you!

I started blogging when during my Nieman Year at Harvard University, there were two Malawians who made noise on social forums, Dr. Steve Sharra then in the United States of America and Victor Kaonga then in Sweden. The blog was I forgot the password, just like many who wish to undertake a journey they have no idea of its destination.
To Dr. Sharra and Ba Kaonga- here are the fruits of insipiring some of us.
I started with Global Health issues, then Youth empowerment and later it really became an open blog.
Last night, the blog recieved Malawi Blogger of the Year Award, the first in Malawi.
The Award, unlike many given out are voted for by Journalists who are members of Misa-Malawi. I am proud that my peers, who form the majority of my critics, thought this was the best out of my Motherland Malawi.
I owe it everyone of the 5,000 plus people that visit this blog everyday. Even when there are no updates. But there are people who everyday, every minute we meet, they always tell me one of two things about the blog. I owe it to you today because your feedback and comments always make me strive to beat the last record.
May the Lord God grant all of you the best in your lives and may this blog grow together with you and our dear nation.
I dedicate this inugural award to the Late Mayeso Chirwa, he used to call about every article, error or just to disagree with my opinion. He was my number one critic and the past three months, I always have to wonder what he would have said.
I owe it to Dr. Clement Chiwaya, Member of Parliament for Mangochi Central, he does not fear to pick up a phone and say his mind about my postings. This award is part of your effort.
I owe it to Chawanangwa Gondwe, my favourate nephew- who tells me this is the best blog that he should sale his music through it. Something I resist everytime I meet him. I promise his music will be here soon.
I owe it Blessing Phumisa, my brother, adviser and freind. Your advice everytime opens new doors.
To Lisa Vickers, who woke me up when she said- that was strong opinion, I knew the blog was not longer my daily opinion.
To Malumbo Chirwa- you are my greatest editor! Laura Green- thank you everyday for comments on the blog. Stanely Onjezani Kenani, Rodney Chatsalira and Victor Kaonga- thank you.
To Gerlad Manthalu, Fryson Chodzi, Leon Matanda, Dannie Grant Phiri, Flora Thomas, Daniel Mawawa, Patrick Maulidi, Gregory Gondwe, Idriss Nassah, Patrick Mwanza, Thom Chiumia, Kondwani Magombo, Undule Mwakasungura, Billy Mayaya, Ruth Govati, Timothy Sandram, Wapona Kita, Ambassador James Kalirangwe, Kondwani Kamiyala and Rawjazz Siula, every comment, suggestion or criticism makes me want to do better and impress you.
Marawipost, Nyasatimes and Malawi Democrat you all rock, the same with Nation Kenya and all media outlets that use material and acknowledge from the blog.
To Mabvuto Banda, my bureau Chief, thanks for being there with all the support, criticism, warnings and tips. I have learnt a lot from you.
To My newsroom colleagues Bright Sonani, Dumbani Mzale, Phillip Pemba, Steven Pembamoyo, My encylopedia Sam Chibaya, my debate and sparring partner Singayazi Kaminjolo, the greatest photographer of all times Uncle Amos Gumulira, Fastani Gunya and Ruben Jailosi- you are my family I would not do without.
To NPL Management thank you for allowing us to walk the thin line between blogging and news writing. Ephraim Munthali, the world owes you one.
Limbikani Chisi, MacDonald Phiri, Illyaas Itimu, Augustine Milanzi and my only brother Kenani Zgambo, this is to you and the future news organisation we have spoken about.
To Levi Kabwato, Suzgo Khunga and MacDonald Thomu- you have more faith in me sometimes than I think I can match.
The list is long, the challenges have been great, but thank you all Journalists in Malawi who voted for the blog. For the next 12 months, I can claim to be Malawi's number one blog and try to live that talk.
Patrick Madhlopa and Augustine Chipungu-this is to you guysssssssss!
God Bless You all!


steve sharra said…
kho, you have done a lot to rescue malawian blogging from the doldrums! now it's gaining national and international attention, thanks to you! congratulations!

steve s
Keep it up u r the best blogger Malawi has ever had n u deserved the award no doubt about that...U ve done alot to Malawi as a whole....we r proud of u bro Kho.
Gift nankhuni said…
congratulations bwana
samwale RSA said…
Congratulations brother.
rogers.siula said…
Shine on Kondwani, its a pride worth your effort and commitment. Bravo!!

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